The Israeli Freedom Party



We, the Israeli Freedom Party, are proud to present our platform for the 25th “Knesset” elections: we believe that many of the divisions in Israel’s society are exacerbated by harmful government intervention through which, different groups are trying to use the power of the state to strengthen their positions, at the expense of the rest. In our view, the path to a healthy and prosperous society is based on the principle of “live and let live”.

The fundamental principle of personal liberty

A modern, liberal and prosperous society is dependent on the freedom of speech, the press, religion (and freedom from religion), the freedom of movement and association. In a proper society every member is sovereign over his or her own body and is not subject to the arbitrary power of government officials.The main role of the state is to defend the citizens’ liberty so that the citizens can manage their life as they wish, peacefully and without fear of violence and coercion from the State, other citizens and from external threats.